20 thoughts for 2020

We've been lucky enough to grow by an average of 119 agencies per month in 2019. It's been a seriously wild year and we're only just at the start of our journey to improve the property industry. 

We wanted to share 20 of the best thoughts we've heard from our users this year. Whether it's been on the phone, at a training day or pitches, what we've learned in 2019 is there are a lot of amazing estate agents out there with big ideas, bit hearts and big plans for next year and beyond.

So here's 20 thoughts for 2020 worth pondering as this year draws to a close.

  1. New goals don’t deliver new results. New processes do.

  2. Millennials currently make up 35% of the UK workforce but 65% of the estate agent workforce is this generation. Think about what they need to succeed. Show them the way and give them the tools. 

  3. People, brand and technology are the pillars of the future of estate agency.

  4. Estate Agents need to be accessible, reliable, informative and persuasive.

  5. Agency is not just about winning instructions. It is about supporting the entire journey of the client.

  6. If you have the right process, you can be ambitious on price. If all you have is pitch-pricing as your strategy, you can't.
  7. On retaining new talent - help them build and scale market knowledge quickly so they move from 'newbie' to performing fee earner more quickly.

  8. Have a plan, not just a dream. 

  9. Client expectations have changed. Have you?

  10. On fees - the sector is at fault for the client not seeing value in a fair fee. What are you doing to articulate your value? Nail this first.

  11. Great agents always survive.

  12. The best agents are married up with the best technology.

  13. Things don’t happen overnight, they happen over time.

  14. The more crucial conversations you have every day, the better your business will be.

  15. The most interesting agents win the most instructions. Get something to talk about outside estate agency.

  16. Success is not an outcome, it’s a process. All your energy should go into building better processes, not chasing better results.

  17. Once you’re 10x better than your competitors, you escape them.

  18. Learn to take action. Learn to adapt to change. Learn to learn. Because you either grow or you get worse. Everyone has a choice.

  19. A third of people hate you. A third of people love you. A third don’t care. You can’t change this formula.

  20. Sooner or later you're going to have to move forward. Choose sooner.

The industry is changing for the better and we're happy to be playing our part.

Stay tuned for some of our thoughts on prospecting in 2020 coming up later in the week.