Customer service kills competition

Think about customer service like a race. You train to win.  

Your clients and customers are more savvy and therefore more demanding than ever. And it's only going to continue.

If you’re unwilling to adapt to the modern consumer and offer personalised, mobile, instant and, once you know them well enough, predictive service you will find yourself in last place in the race and wondering what happened to your once successful business.

Particularly in estate agency, where most people come at the process almost expecting a poor experience, the service you deliver will matter more than anything else. 

The customer experience is more important than price. Read that again.

All truly predictable, consistent and successful estate agencies have one thing in common: an outstanding customer experience. 

Service and support have become true differentiators, and people only want to buy from companies that provide a quality experience and a world-class service from start to finish (except that in our gig, it never finishes). The customer experience is now more important than the fee you charge (we threw it in again just in case you didn’t read it twice above).

Here’s four ideas that we try and implement every day at Homesearch to create an outstanding customer experience for our agents.

We set great expectations.

Customers expect great service, so you’ve got to provide it. 

To do that, you need to show that you’re good before people need you. As the professional, you know the problems your clients are going to face when they use you, so do your best to educate around the solutions you offer ahead of time. 

All this helps people to understand that maybe if they work with you they won’t have that poor experience they’d been told about and are expecting.

We empower our people.

Really great customer experience only happens if your people are empowered to deliver it. 

Help your entire team to work together and put the customer first. Empower them to go above and beyond to ensure a great experience. 

To do that, you’ve got to go back to the basics:

  • Training. Get everyone on the same page, plus build soft skills and empathy.
  • Technology. The right kit will improve your communication, education and productivity.
  • Incentive. Why should your agents care? Give them a tangible reason.

We deliver intelligent service.

How do you know what great customer service looks like?

Ask for feedback.

The best agents are asking for, analysing, and acting on feedback from their past and current clients. 

This is what we call intelligent customer service. 

Intelligent customer service means you’re learning from every experience and compounding the best bits over and over again to allow you to better what you deliver every time.

Bringing it all together…

Modern estate agency is less about the transaction and more about the relationship. A raving fan will do so much more for your business than just offer a selling fee once every nine years. All of the above ideas contribute towards your clients feeling valued which over time will maximise their lifetime value with your business.