6 customer service strategies to win 2019

What does customer service and customer experience look like in 2019?

Before we can predict the future, we must understand a little about the past and a lot about the present.

To see where we’re going, at least in the next year or two, just look at what’s been trending in the last twelve months. Now, some of these have been real world applicable for much longer than a year.

Our first item on the list is a perfect example. Buyers and sellers have been getting more informed and savvy year on year.

So, here's six customer service strategies to focus your energy on in 2019 to create raving fans and take your business forward.

Your clients are smarter than ever. 

When it comes to customer service and customer experience, they know the difference between good and bad. Don't treat your clients like babies, but don't assume they know the inner workings of the sale/lettings process either. Spend less time on the obvious stuff and more time setting the scene and highlighting what you actually do.

Your mobile phone is the only thing that will make you money.

In 2019, everyone has a smart phone (ok, maybe not your Nan, but all your clients do). Use yours! Communicate on their terms. Is cold calling dead? No. Is whatsapp or Facebook messenger alive? HELL YES. Your clients are connecting with you (and your competitors) in more ways than ever.

Which is the right channel for you? The one's that they're on. Ask more questions and use your mobile phone!

Your millennial clients are growing. 

This generation (born in the 80s through to around 1996) is almost 25% of the population today. They have different expectations than the baby boomer population. They tend to be more tech savvy and interact with companies differently than older generations. They have a lower tolerance level for slow response time and are open to the newer and different forms of communication.

Don’t ignore these (and other) differences. Communicate on their terms, not yours!

Value continues to trump price.

Even in a hyper-sensitive price environment, outstanding customer service will always make price less relevant. We're willing to wager that (along with Homesearch) the experience you are able and willing (there is goin to be no room for lazy agents!) to deliver will be the biggest competitive differentiator in the next two to five years.

Amazing service is always on. It doesn't start at the market appraisal and it doesn't finish when you hand the keys over. Be so amazing that your clients want to tell everyone about their experience. 


Video killed the radio letterbox dropping star.

We love targeted direct mail, we don't love mass letterbox drops that mean nothing to no one. You've heard about the importance of video for years already, and now we're drumming it (hopefully) into you again.

What's got more chance of engagement, a flyer through the door saying "JUST SOLD in your area" or a video of your client telling your market how you sold their property in 2 weeks, for asking price, in a tough market.

Posting valuable video content is a great way to enhance your potential client's experience and show off your market knowledge and expertise in a non-invasive, entertaining way.


Face to Face is more important than ever.

There will never be any form of communication that replaces face to face. Want a new instruction? Go and see your clients. Need to get an offer in writing? No phones, no texts. Go and see your client. Need a price reduction. You guessed it, go and see your client!

Putting in face to face time with your clients shows them two things, that you're professional and that you care. This is what matters in what you do every single day.


Everything above are ideas and tools you can implement in your business today. As we post this it's the 28th of November. For us, 2019 started in October, it should bet he same for you. Don't want for January 2nd, start today!

To your success.