The importance of helping over selling

This article was originally titled “The importance of helping over selling during Covid-19” but the reality is, what we’re talking about here holds true in any market and at any time. 

The truth is, none of us have ever really seen a situation exactly like the one we’re in now before. Sure, recessions, terror-attacks, Brexit and wars have come and gone, but this feels different. So with that in mind, we wanted to talk about what we do know, rather than make up a fake solution to a still-new problem. 

Serve, don’t sell 

We get that you have an agency to run (we do too), and we’re not suggesting you start giving things away for free or risk your or your clients health just to say it’s ‘business as usual’. What we’re recommending (again because we know it to be true), is that you take a step back and think about your community while you’re running your business. 

Think of ways you can adapt your current marketing activity to better serve your customers and community. 

Instead of new instruction emails, maybe talk about homeschooling advice.

Rather than popping around at 4pm next Thursday, offer to have your clients take you through a digital tour of their home and listen to why they’ve loved living there. That video alone will make powerful, emotional marketing if and when their time to move comes.

You don’t need handshakes to have relationships

Sure, most long distance relationships don’t last. But they always get off to a great start.

Think of your database as the same thing, only you’ll get to make it physical in a couple of months. A huge part of your pipeline management and marketing activity while we’re all in lockdown (and for the near future after) must be completely centered around an online strategy.

You will have read the articles about a surge in buyer demand. You know first-time-buyers and mortgage lending was at an all time high before the crisis struck. That doesn’t just go away. It’s on pause.

These people still need your help. Host a webinar, book in 1-on-1 strategy zoom meetings outlining their budgets, offer planning, renovation advice, key questions to ask on viewings and more.

Team these up with your local mortgage broker or conveyancing solicitor to expand your reach.

Most of all, engage with your community

Just do it online, not at the coffee shop. 

Let your community know that you are working on ways to keep things going — such as keeping them up-to-date, making it easier to get access to important information and even giving them ideas on how to keep their kids (and themselves) sane while safe (not stuck) at home.

There’s never been a better time to communicate with your database and your market about literally ANYTHING other than selling or letting their house.

There’s never been a better time to show your market that you are in fact, human.

Bringing it all together…

One of the points we’ve been making since this whole situation kicked off and we predicted a slow-down back in February, was that we hoped agents would use this time, without any pressure to book vals, MAs, viewing tours or otherwise, to realise that the best agents serve rather than sell regardless of whether there’s a global pandemic or not.

What is happening around the world is horrible. What is happening in your business doesn’t need to be.

Use this time wisely. Focus on the help you can provide, serve your community and there is no doubt the sales will follow once we’re out the other side.