Merge Tech and Old School Service to Reap the Rewards

In 2018, estate agencies (including online) are all fighting for the same chip in an over saturated market.

In 2018, estate agencies (including online) are all fighting for the same chip in an over saturated market.

Getting in touch with people and making loyal consumers out of them is a crucial part of making it big (or even surviving when the going gets tough) and reaping the benefits of all the hard work and sacrifice you put into building your company.

When you consider how much money corporate magnates like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Apple and McDonald’s spend on their marketing campaigns, commercials, promotional material and slogans (and mind you these are all well-established names that have been around decades) it seems counter-intuitive that any business would overlook the importance of marketing and fail to firstly think about and secondly invest heavily in it.

Some of the old marketing methods are well known to everyone and pretty basic - nothing mystical or glamorous about slapping a big picture on a billboard, offering promotional pens and hats or coming up with a catchy slogan – and yet these are all techniques that all the big brands still use. And there is a simple reason for this – they work.

You need to appeal to the local market, and the big players are fully aware of this. Take a hint from some the most powerful companies in the country and try out these old school strategies:

  • Think locally and earn the trust of the community – make your storefront recognisable, post big signs, distribute leaflets, make special offers on opening day, have a mascot walk around in costume and get some local talent involved (street performers can draw attention to your business).
  • Distribute promotional material
  • Hit the main roads and highways and put up some billboards
  • Sponsor a local sporting event – this can work even for small businesses as you can scale it down, perhaps offer a prize for the winner of a high-school basketball tournament, or sponsor a small sports team and have them wear uniforms with your logo on them.
  • Organise a fundraiser to support a noble cause – make an initial donation to a cause of your choice and get people involved, maybe arrange something with the council and have an event at a park.
  • Offer rewards to your most loyal customers.

Now we’ve discussed the old school, let’s talk new school.

It’s 2018. Yes, do the above. But be smart about it.

If you’re distributing promotional material to your market, don’t just beat your chest, give some real value! Show them you know what you know. Give them statistics, useful insights, show them their assets are doing well for them. Tell some stories.

Pick your mark. Flyers dropped en mass have about as much chance at success as winning the lotto twice. If you’re in sales why would you want to write to someone who isn’t selling? Ask yourself, what haas more chance of a return, a generic letter or something tailored to the specific person it’s intended for? There’s a number of companies that can help with this. Homesearch is the perfect platform to find some statistics to turn into stories. Even if they’re not selling or letting now, you’ll almost guarantee a call when their time is right. What more can you ask?!

If we’re talking online, for the best results you will want to hire web developers, SEO consultants and graphic designers to get the best results with your online marketing strategy.

An outstanding (not just good) website is essential, it is your base of operations and your digital business card. Make no mistake, if someone’s enquired to your business, they’ve done their digital detective work on you beforehand.

You will also need to drive some traffic to your website. Guest blogging from locals, social media marketing and generating useful content on the website are all important aspects of increasing useful traffic.

Any of the old school tactics like organising a fundraiser or sponsoring a local sporting event can be enhanced by spreading the word through social media websites. You could start a video blog on your area on YouTube and interview locals about what they love the most. This isn’t a small job, make sure you’ve got the right help.

Combining old-school and new-school marketing strategies can provide you an effective means of promoting your brand and developing a base of raving fans in your community.

The winning formula is people plus technology. You need both to succeed. Embrace the right tech and make it work for you.