What are the biggest challenges facing agents in 2019

Here at Homesearch we try to put ourselves in the same shoes as agents. 

The idea being that if we understand the challenges you face each day then we'll better understand how we can help you get through them.

After speaking to 10 business owners in December, nearly all of them said that stock levels were the biggest challenge for the year ahead.

The second biggest challenge mentioned was was achieving a sale price that meets their vendors’ expectations.

Only one of the business owners mentioned that attracting an adequate number of interested buyers for a property was the most challenging part of the job.

London agents are feeling the pressure to meet price expectations more than their counterparts outside of the capital.

This year, agents will be tasked with educating vendors that growth has slowed, but also ensuring they get the best price in the current market.

This will be the most crucial conversation an agent will have with both their current vendors and any potentials.

Properties will need to be appraised more accurately and sales strategies articulated better than ever before. A simple price range and portal campaign will no longer suffice to firstly win the business, but also ensure the best result for the seller.

A challenging market is often seen by great agents as the best time to be at work and here at Homesearch, we couldn’t agree more.