Your mindset will make or break you

Working in estate agency isn’t for the faint of heart.

In a booming market it’s highly competitive and you must list to survive. In a market that’s lacking confidence, you need to be an expert communicator and have the courage to give professional, pragmatic advice in the face of higher, perhaps deluded, expectations. 

It’s in times like this that your mindset sets you apart from your competition, and your colleagues. 

A positive mindset in the face of uncertainty allows you to ignore the noise and break through your own negative barriers.

It’s so important to be aware of when you’re stuck in a negative mindset, and make a conscious decision to work through it. Changing your mindset doesn’t happen immediately. 

It’s a process. 

Give yourself time and don’t be discouraged if things don’t go the way you expected. Don’t stress and waste energy on worrying how you will get there, just decide that you will.

Positive mindsets create a snowball effect.

When you make a decision to stop being fearful, everything changes.

Challenges suddenly become opportunities. The “bad news” you used to deliver your clients when they’d have no enquiry or a low offer, becomes a chance to be the professional that they’d employed in the first place. 

Calming your mind and dissolving the ‘head trash’ allows you to focus on what is important – helping people when they’re moving, or serving your market with knowledge and information when they’re not.

When you’re doing this with positivity and consistency, you’ll start to notice everything else falling into place. You become more confident in your abilities, and small successes lead to bigger wins.

You’ll give value to everyone you interact with, you’ll get referrals, you will do more deals and the positive cycle will continue.

One way to fast track your mindset is to get a mentor. Another is to work with people who know the value of positivity and share the same mindset as you want to.

Give yourself the right platform to succeed. A supportive mentor or workplace is super important.

You hear stories every day about agents having their best years ever in “this” market. It’s all down to mindset. 

These agents have made a decision to see opportunity in every challenge. A bad market (and your limitations) is most often all in your mind.

If you can change your perspective, anything is possible.