Frequent Asked Questions

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Homesearch works on a one login per user basis. What makes Homesearch so intuitive and powerful for each user is how customisable it is to their needs.

You can view our pricing promise here.

We bill monthly, paying one month in advance

We know agents know their markets better than most, however we’d say it’s pretty difficult to know everything that’s going on in your area and everyone that’s in it. Homesearch does this for you every single day. We’re here to boost what you already know.

Yes. All users will have access to our written how-to guides, as well as video tutorials and our user help desk and information assistant.

No. We're not stalkers! Homesearch provides up to date and accurate property and demographic information. We do not hold or give out any personal information, and never will.

Yes. Homesearch is completely cloud based and mobile friendly. If you're on your honeymoon in the Maldives and need some information to help close that deal, you can get it.

We try and be as complete and accurate as possible, but no one's perfect. If there's a property you think is missing any information, or you think the information we have may be inaccurate, please you can flag it with us! We'll work with you to make sure your updates are added as soon as possible.

From time to time, you may find individual records within Homesearch that are missing/out of date. This may be because they have not sold for many, many years, or alternatively, are new and off the plan. You can update records via the flag inaccuracy button. You can even send in photos if you have them.

Yes. Homesearch has a 14 days free Pro trial.

We collect and collate data from about 200 different industry and public sources across the UK, more than any other provider. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data which is why we collect (sometimes the same) data from a variety of sources. We layer and compare these sources to ensure accuracy as much as we can.

We're always learning. As we find more relevant and accurate data available that would add value to the property industry and the people in it, we'll look to add it to Homesearch.

This is our secret sauce.

We have spoken at length with not only current property professionals, but those who have had long careers in the industry to select the data that is real and relevant to the people working in the industry today.

Yes, we offer training in person at our offices, webinars, video tutorials, and we will even come to your offices for larger bookings (special conditions apply). In most instances, training is free and you can attend as many times as you like (we know it can be hard to remember everything the first time!).

There is a difference between big data and lots of data. Most estate agents have lots of data about their instructions, sales and property management clients past and present but it is limited by their own ability to collect and analyse it.

The purpose of truly valuable big data is to help understand not just what is happening in your own business, but the broader property market and your performance in it. Big data can also help you better understand clients, how to service them so they become your advocates, and how to identify potential clients faster than your competitors.

We believe property data is most transparent, reliable and valuable when it is collated, managed and distributed by independent companies whose expertise is data, research and analytics and who have rigorous processes for delivering it in an easy to understand, relevant, and trusted way.

No. We are 100% independent, we have no other property, banking or media interests.